Conversations started years ago, but never finished.
Conversations started but never spoken.
Conversations for which the time is ripe.
Here and now is a good place to let it happen.

Hello, this is
Bruce Barkan, Son of Rose and Ruby. I am your official message board host.

Here I am showing off my new suit to Grandma Lottie

Welcome and thank you for responding to this site. Encourage your children and grandchildren to log-in. Get your photos old & new to Alan via email or snail mail.

They tore down 181 Keap Street. Let us resurrect its descendents

If you want to start a new topic or moderate a topic, e-mail, son of Ruben and Rose-father of Asher and Tovi-husband to Pamela, and I'll gladly set it up.

Until things get rolling, please indicate your father/mother, children/spouse so we can all know the connections.

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Now What July 4 - 09:40 am

For this site to work, it is important that it meet the needs of every family member wanting to participate. Please use the "Now What" topic to say what you want to see on

Photo Gallery - THEN October 18 - 05:15 pm

Photo Gallery - NOW May 1 - 01:20 pm

Ask Aunt Rose May 21 - 01:17 pm

A Barkan by marriage, time & history, Aunt Rose, wife of Ruben, mother of Bruce, Barry and Alan is the only one left of her generation.

If anyone knows, Rose knows!

Try It Out June 5 - 10:36 am

If you've never used a message board and want to try it out, this is the area to do it. Doesn't matter what you say; these messages will be routinely deleted.

System Announcements May 12 - 11:32 am

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